"Alan Cohen has such a fine eye and such a good ear that he nourishes
them on glaciers in June.  He loves poetry and talking about poetry for
the way it places each of us more inside the strange homemade
eccentricity of our individual soul."

Coleman Barks

The Owl has assembled a terrific and unique anthology, a journal of inception where we meet new poets and also learn what brought them to writing and then kept them scribbling and scuttling.  I'm just flat delighted to be a part of this project.

David Lee

Alan and Evie,

I thoroughly enjoyed Red Thread Gold Thread.  Every feature of it was terrific, and I am recommending it to the present poet in residence at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for use in her undergraduate and graduate classes. I don't know of essays more worthwhile for those just beginning to find themselves out in their own writing. Kudos to you and Chelsea.

Don Welch

This book is a labor of love and beauty, a wonderfully eclectic mix of voices.  The founders of the Logan Poetry Festival have captured America singing its heart out in the midst of a noisy time.

Alison Luterman

Poetry, as editor Alan Cohen says, is inside us and all around us, and all we need to do is slow down, open our ears and hearts, and sing our own songs and let others in. This friendly, inviting book does just that. It brings together a former Poet Laureate, other well-known poets, and poets from communities across the country not as rarified, arcane repositories and pontificators of culture, but as ordinary people, just like you and me, who talk and sing about the things that deeply matter to every one of us—themes and experiences that we all know, and need desperately, yearningly, to know better. Meet the poets and listen. They’re doing what for most of human history poets and poetry have always done: talking directly to you.

Garry Cooper